Mercedes-Benz Reveals Vans with Drones

September 20th, 2016 by

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Mercedes-Benz recently unveiled a concept van with Matternet, the drone technology start up company. This vehicle is called a Vision Van. Mercedes-Benz hopes this concept vehicle could change the way small packages are delivered.


The rooftop of the Vision Van would act as a launch and landing pad for Matternet’s M2 drones. These autonomous drones can pick up and carry a package that weighs 4.4 pounds. The drone can carry the package for 12 miles on one battery charge. These drones are designed to collect new cargo and change their batteries without human intervention. The Mercedes-Benz Van works with these drones and has a robotic shelving system inside.


The Mercedes-Benz Vans unit sold 321,000 units last year, even though Mercedes-Benz is known for their luxury cars. They hope their new van and investment in Matternet will see success. This technology is cutting edge and shows Mercedes-Benz dedication to innovating new technology.


Reports are unclear on the next step of this technology, but it could revolutionize how small packages are delivered. If you are interested in purchasing a new Mercedes-Benz, visit us at Mercedes-Benz Brampton. For more information about our inventory, check out our website.








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