Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT – Safety Features

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Mercedes SLS AMG GT 1

The safety features of a car play a crucial role to make up the mind of a potential buyer on whether he should purchase it or not. The SLS AMG GT from Mercedes-Benz comes with an array of advanced safety features for the safety of the drivers and the other occupants in the car.

Stability control

It is a safety feature that is intelligent enough to sense automatically whether the handling limits of the vehicle has been exceeded or not. Accordingly, it can reduce the engine power. Alternatively, it can bring down the power of the engine or applies brakes so that the driver is not in the danger of being out of control as far as his vehicle is concerned.

Anti-lock brakes

These special brakes can intelligently sense if a tire of your car is not rotating while under too much braking. The brake pressure is then modulated so that the tire can start rotating. This will enhance the ability of the vehicle to turn when the brake is applied.

Knee Airbags

These airbags are helpful in protecting the vehicle’s occupants from serious injuries if an accident takes place.

Overhead airbags

These airbags can protect the heads of the occupants if the car rolls over or there is a side collision.

Side impact and front impact airbags

The front seats have the side impact airbags so that the torso can be protected when a side impact collision takes place. On the other hand, front impact airbags are meant for the passengers and the driver so that their heads can be protected if there is a frontal crash.

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