Mercedes-Benz: Smooth Operator

December 5th, 2016 by

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It’s no secret that Mercedes-Benz vehicles are known for their smooth ride quality. Ruts and bumps just don’t seem to affect passengers in Mercedes-Benz vehicles like they do in other, lesser cars.  But how does Mercedes do it?  With two different suspension systems: Active Body Control and Magic Body Control.


According to Jason Fenske from Engineering Explained, the key to both systems are the hydraulic dampers used by Mercedes.  These dampers have hydraulic actuators that actually react to bumps—they make the damper assembly shorter. When they hit a rut, it makes it longer.  This allows the tire and wheel to move without the body moving as much.


Active Body Control uses the hydraulic fully active suspension to control the vehicle body motions and eliminates body roll in many situation, like cornering, accelerating and braking.


Magic Body Control uses a camera system to read the road ahead.  As the vehicle approaches road imperfections, the hydraulic dampers are actuated, which makes the ride even more smooth!


The hydraulic dampers can be used for other purposes, as well.  You know how the G forces of a corner make a vehicle and its occupants lean to the outside of a turn?  Well, hydraulics can be used to help the car lean into the turn, not unlike how a ride on a motorcycle does.  The hydraulics can also be used to raise or lower the ride height for a variety of purposes.


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