Mercedes-Benz Sprinter – Performance Features

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When you first look at the 2016 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, it may appear to be a bit extravagant for a business or for a very large family. However, don’t dismiss it before understanding the level of potential this vehicle undertakes. While it may be more expensive than its rivals from RAM, Nissan and Ford, it is still a Mercedes-Benz and as such, has the level of performance and features that you’ve come to expect of the brand. It is true that that the designers of Sprinter did not conceive it as a luxury car, but rather as a fully capable and functional vehicle designed for optimal results.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is available with two engine types to pick from.  The first engine is a 4-cylinder diesel, 2.1 liter with a horsepower of 161 and a torque of 266 pound feet.  There are facilities of automatic transmission, rear-wheel and 7-speed drive that are available as standard features.

The second type of engine is a V5, 3 liter diesel and turbocharged with a horsepower of 188 and a torque of 325 lb feet. There is a 5-speed AT and rear-wheel drive supported by the engine. You can also opt for a 4-wheel drive that is optionally available with a transfer case of dual-range capability.

Although, the fuel economy estimate for the EPA is not available for its full-size vans, its diesel engine, like all diesels, are geared towards efficiency driven performance. The Sprinter from Mercedes-Benz is equipped to achieve a much enhanced fuel mileage than most of its rivals that run on gasoline engines cannot touch. Irrespective of what type of engine is being used, about 5,000 lbs. can be towed by a Sprinter 2500 and about 7,500 pounds can be towed by a Sprinter 3500.

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