Mercedes-Benz Tests Children on Crashing Toy Cars

October 13th, 2015 by

Mercedes-Benz Brampton knows that children love to crash toy cars into one another. Children find it fun and amusing. Mercedes-Benz also understands that and decided to perform a social experiment. The company gave two toy Mercedes-Benz cars to children to see how they would react when they are unable to crash the toys into one another. Mercedes-Benz installed super strong magnets that prevented the toys from crashing, so the video shows the frustration of each child when they fail to do so. It was a way for Mercedes-Benz to showcase the Brake Assist System Plus that is offered to drivers of the real vehicles. The system monitors vehicles ahead of it and if the driver fails to apply brakes in a timely manner, the system applies the emergency brake automatically. You should definitely check out the video since it is quite entertaining.

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