Mercedes-Benz Top 10 Iconic Designs of All Time

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Mercedes-Benz established a distinctive and trademark look for itself by creating some of the most memorable design features in the industry, some of the major designs the brand has introduced are as follows:

The Gullwing

The Gullwing has been an iconic vehicle, known primarily the opening of its front doors which resemble a sea gull.

The 600

The Mercedes-Benz 600 has been known for being one of the most popular cars used by various prominent statesman and heads of state. The vehicle has been used by several American Presidents as well.

The Autobahn Courier

This vehicle defined the look of luxury during the 1940’s and 1950’s. The look of the car oozed sheer luxury and beauty. It was commonly used by many celebrities all across the world and became a symbolic statement of high status and wealth.

The 500 SL

This car embodied the success and freedom that any person could hope to attain. If you owned this beautiful convertible, it meant you had made it in the 1980’s.

Ponton 180

This vehicle was constantly awarded as being one of the most beautiful looking vehicles in history. It is subtle, but has a strong and stern overall look.

The S-Class

This is one of the top end vehicles and designs that Mercedes produces with every generation. The vehicle is the pinnacle of power, luxury and status.

300 D

This model was one of the most definitive looks that Mercedes has ever produced and has long influenced the design of vehicles following it.

CLS 500

This sporty and nimble looking vehicle defined its status as the best roadster in the industry that packs the most punch amongst its contemporaries.


The Gelandwagen is one of those vehicles that are definitively Mercedes by showcasing a rough exterior while holding you in the lap of luxury.

Blitzen Benz

This was a bare backed no nonsense vehicle that was built with the bare minimum to reach speeds never reached by any human before. It was the ultimate sportster of the 1920’s.

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