Mercedes-Benz Unveils New Estate Wagon

June 15th, 2016 by


When you think of luxury cars, there are a few brands that come to mind. One of which is Mercedes-Benz. The German multinational car manufacturer is known for its classy, powerful cars that have been top favorites in the automotive industry for decades. Unbeaten, Mercedes-Benz has always remained on top in the ranks of car makers.

Among their extensive portfolio of superior cars, Mercedes-Benz has included a brand new model. Welcome the E-Class Estate, a full-sized wagon that has been redesigned for release in 2017. The Estate derives its inspiration from its popular sibling, the E-Class sedan, with some few differences, of course.

The all-new E-Class Estate was unveiled by tennis superstar Roger Federer, who said that he expects the new model would look and function just as well as the sedan. It features a new appearance that has been redesigned to look sleeker and sportier. Mercedes-Benz has, however, retained its intention to make the Estate a true station wagon. Although, it wouldn’t be a primary choice for someone who prefers SUVs, the Estate makes a great pick for a family, given its third folding seat ideal for kids.

The Estate is set to hit the Canadian market with the E400 4MATIC model which comes with a six-cylinder engine that delivers 333 horsepower. It is a nine-speed gas-powered version, which is an upgrade from the seven-speed model for 2016. It also features a drive pilot option which enables the vehicle to autonomously follow a leading vehicle even at speeds of 210 kmph.

The Mercedes-Benz Estate will be available for purchase later this year. Learn more about Mercedes-Benz’s models by visiting the Mercedes-Benz Brampton dealership.







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