Mercedes-Benz X-Class To Be Released in 2017

November 21st, 2016 by

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Mercedes-Benz plans to release their pickup truck to the public in 2017 in select markets. The company recently displayed two concepts for their first pickup truck, the X-Class. They hope to target families, commercial customers and outdoor enthusiasts.


Mercedes-Benz plans to release the truck in Europe, Latin America, Australia and South Africa. They are considering offering the vehicle in other markets in North America in the future. The truck will be built in Spain, and is a joint project with Nissan. The X-Class will fill the gap in the Mercedes-Benz product line. The company believes pickup trucks are becoming more popular for private use. They are also excellent vehicles for commercial use. Mercedes-Benz hopes to grow and compete in the global market with 2 million units by 2025.


Mercedes-Benz showed two concepts in Stockholm. One of the previews was SUV-like and the other was called a “Powerful Adventurer.” The vehicle is perfect for families, business owners, contractors and more. The truck is expected to do well, and enthusiasts hope the car will be offered in more markets.


Though the Mercedes-Benz X-Class won’t be available in all markets, many believe the car will be offered in other locations in the future. If you are interested in a new #MercedesBenz and want to see some options, visit us at Mercedes-Benz Brampton. For more information about what we currently offer, check out our website at







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