Mercedes-Benz’s NECK-PRO Head Restraints Technology

May 20th, 2016 by

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Safety features and technologies building a car are as important as the engine it runs on. Mercedes-Benz is well-known for its high standards of safety. NECK-PRO head restraint technology is one such safety feature available on the E-Class, SL, G-Class and CLS. NECK-PRO head restraint technology cradles the head and neck of the driver and the passenger in case of a read-end or head-on collision reducing the risk of whiplash injury. The height and angle is adjustable to offer maximum protection.

The head restraints in the vehicle are connected to an ECU. On detection of an imminent collision of a pre-defined impact severity, either rear end or head-on, springs inside the head rest are released allowing the frontal movement of the headrest by 40 mm and upward by 30mm offering protection to the head and neck. Post deployment, the head springs ought to be pushed back manually by unlocking using a tool. They are ready for use soon after. The NECK-PRO system from Mercedes fared excellently in the whiplash test. During the test, typically the crash speed is 10mph on special crash machines. The test primarily assesses the severity of the crash by examining the force endured by the occupants in the car. The best seats have large head restraints that support the neck and head of the occupant early in the crash.

Apart from being a safety feature, the NECK-PRO luxury head restraints with additional side flexible bolsters improves lateral support and comfort.

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