New Mercedes-Benz Finds Parking Spaces

September 26th, 2016 by

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Finding open parking spaces in a crowded parking lot can be a pain. All the guessing and stress of find an empty spot in a crowded street is frustrating and time consuming. With Mercedes-Benz’ new trial program, their cars will begin to give each other a heads-up whenever a space is free.


The company is testing a program in Germany that uses the ultrasound sensors in the Mercedes E-Class sedan to spot free parking spaces as they drive. The sensors in these vehicles will scan for empty parking spaces that are large enough for vehicles to park in, even when the driver isn’t looking for a space. The car will transmit the information to the cloud. It will then be shared with other Mercedes-Benz drivers. This project is still developing, but Mercedes-Benz hopes that eventually the technology will grow. The technology is still very basic, but in the future, the company hopes the program will be able to show a digital parking map that will show the precise location of free parking spaces.


This new technology will help drivers find parking spots easier, and make driving less stressful. If you are interested in purchasing a new Mercedes-Benz, we hope you will make Mercedes-Benz Brampton your dealership of choice. For more information about the cars we currently offer, check out our website.








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