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      Explore New Mercedes-Benz Vehicles for Sale

      Whether you’re shopping around Caledon for a Mercedes-Benz SUV, sedan, coupe, roadster, convertible, or commercial van, you’ll find the full lineup of new Mercedes-Benz models for sale at Mercedes-Benz Brampton. One of the first decisions you’ll need to make if you plan to buy a Mercedes-Benz model is whether you would prefer to lease or finance. Take a moment to educate yourself about the differences between these two financial paths. Then, fill out a pre-approval and contact Mercedes-Benz Brampton to book a test drive near Orangeville!

      Leasing vs. Financing Mercedes-Benz Models For Sale

      Choosing between leasing and financing one of our new Mercedes-Benz vehicles for sale can be a little confusing if you’re not familiar with what each path entails. Whether you plan to outright buy a Mercedes-Benz or rent one, rest assured that neither path is superior to the other. Rather, both paths serve different purposes.

      When you lease, your payments go toward the value that you use over the course of a temporary lease term (often 3 years). You’re essentially renting the vehicle, and since you aren’t taking a loan out on the full value of the model, you can expect to make smaller monthly payments, put less money down, and pay less sales tax.

      When your finance or buy a Mercedes-Benz, you’re taking a loan out on the full value of the vehicle. Your monthly payments will be higher, you’ll need a larger down payment, and you’ll pay more sales tax. When you sell the model, however, you’ll see a percentage of the money you invested in your vehicle returned to your bank account. This is the most cost-effective strategy, but it requires higher upfront costs and greater commitment.

      Test Drive a Mercedes-Benz for Sale Near Georgetown

      Whether you’re looking to test drive some new Mercedes-Benz vehicles for sale on our lot in Brampton, you’re ready to buy a Mercedes-Benz model, or you simply have a question about one of our Mercedes-Benz SUVs or convertibles, give us a call. Our phone number is (647)-360-3087. We’ll walk Georgetown drivers through all of their options, and help them find something perfect for their needs and budget. In the meantime, check out our Mercedes-Benz research guides for informative reads about 4MATIC All-wheel Drive and more!

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