Performance Features of the Mercedes-Benz SL Roadster

March 23rd, 2016 by


The latest SL Roadster model from Mercedes-Benz has updated rear and front fascia and new taillights. Up front, you’ll find an all-new hood and headlights. Its top also is revised so that the hardtop with power-folding can operate at speeds up to 25 mph or 40 km per hour. There have been improvements in its interior too though the change is not as major as its exterior. SL Roadster’s steering wheel has also been revised and its finish and fit comes with a new improved look.

Excellent performance at your fingertips

The SL Roadster sports a tighter and lighter body and takes pride in its 4 bi-turbo engines. There are several advanced features including a powerful torque and Direct Injection with less fuel and greater smoothness.

Both Mercedes-Benz and AMG together have enhanced its SL 65 and SL 63 high-performance roadsters. It has been made possible with expressive design and updated technology. The front sections of these models are powered by a brand new design and a radiator grille. The latter is wide towards its front spoiler and the bottom.

The signature of the car is light and stylish with highly advanced equipment and amenities that further enhance an impression of high-quality.

Amazingly stylish and expressive design, outstanding driving attributes and impressive performance are some of the characteristics of Mercedes-Benz SL Roadster. The differential lock at the rear-axle and the use of Active Body Control for offering sports suspension are some of the other highlights of the car.  Since the roadsters come with more torque and power, they stand at an edge vis-à-vis their competitors in the segment. The engines are particularly designed to deliver high caliber performance.

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