Performance Features of the Mercedes-Benz SLK Roadster

March 23rd, 2016 by


The SLK Roadster from Mercedes-Benz is a superb car known for its gymnastic moves. It is indeed a true sports car that is simply apt for all types of sports. It can move against the rushing wind and boasts a track record of racing wins over the last 122 years. SLK is a true high-performance car and is exquisitely proportioned in all respects.  Its power hardtop and cross blade grille enhance the car’s charisma. The roll bars that are trimmed with aluminum and LED lighting give it an extremely stylish look.

A high-performance engine

SLK Roadster is powered by an innovative engine that ensures that there is greater fuel efficiency and fewer emissions. With a horsepower of 302, the SLK350 V-6 engine can touch 60 in just a few seconds.

Excellent plug & play features

The car not only features audio streaming using wireless Bluetooth technology, but also SiriusXM Radio so that there is no dearth of any music in the playlist in SLK. It also comes with COMAND® navigation though optional and boasts of five years of “SiriusXM Traffic and Weather” so that one can always be on time.

Thus the SL Roadster is a complete blend of high-performance and sportiness driving that is typically related with the AMG and the Mercedes-Benz brands.  It truly demonstrates a passionate and sporty driving experience. Here is the perfect car for all those car enthusiasts and customers who are crazy about performance driving and love thrills while driving. With its latest technology and innovative characteristics, it is not only a visual delight but a great experience for its driver.

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