Robots Cannot Assemble the Mercedes Benz S-Class

March 9th, 2016 by


In a world dominated by technology, robots have become synonymous with assembly lines. From Ford cars to iPhones, robots constitute integral components of the manufacturing process. However, there are certain luxury items that can’t be manufactured by the robots. They need the touch of human hands to reach perfection.

One of the items that are going to be added to the list of items than can’t be manufactured by robots is the Mercedes-Benz S-Class series of cars. Robots are not currently in a position to impart the strict personalization to the high number of variants belonging to this series.

Thus, the company has started to disembark robots from the manufacturing process and engage human labor in order to impart customized settings to the cars. Contemporary models of robots would find the process too complex to undertake. They really can’t move ahead with the very high number of options and keep in pace with the changes ordered.

Thus when you buy a new S-Class vehicle, you could rest assured that the temperature-controlled cup-holders and the monogrammed seats have been set up by a human being. You can bank on the touches of a person just like you and not a robot.

Thus, if you are buying a new S-Class vehicle, your parts of the car would have been installed by men. Thus, it imparts a highly customized setting to the interiors of the car.

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