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What is the Difference Between Premium and Regular Gas?

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Whether you’re considering buying a car that takes premium gas near Caledon, or you just know that your car doesn’t take premium, and you’d like to know what premium gas is, Mercedes-Benz Brampton is here to answer your questions. Take a moment to compare premium vs. unleaded gas. Then, if you have questions or would like to test drive some Mercedes-Benz models that require premium gas, contact Mercedes-Benz Brampton in Brampton for help!

What is Premium Gasoline?

Just like regular gas, premium gas is produced from crude oil, and used in your engine to create the combustion that propels your vehicle forward. But what is the difference between premium and regular gas? Their octane levels vary. Most premium gas features an octane level at or above 90, which is to say that it’s cleaner running fuel, less polluting, and runs more efficiently.

What is Regular Unleaded Gasoline?

Regular gas is the type of gas featured in the majority of Orangeville vehicles. It’s unleaded, meaning that, while it’s not as clean as premium gas, it is cleaner than leaded fuel. Its octane rating is 87.

Premium vs. Regular Gas

Let’s take a closer look at what the differences are between premium and regular gas:

  • Octane Rating: The higher the octane rating, the less likely your engine is to knock around, which can cause damage to your vehicle, increase fuel consumption, and generate more pollutants.
  • Price: Premium gas is often half a dollar more per gallon compared to regular unleaded.
  • Engine Compatibility: If your engine has a low compression ratio, it needs a faster burning fuel, like regular unleaded gas. If it has a high compression ratio, we recommend premium gas. That said, if you use regular unleaded on a car that requires premium gas, it won’t harm it. If your car doesn’t use premium gas, it won’t benefit from premium because it wasn’t designed to burn it effectively.

What Kind of Gas Should I Use for my Mercedes-Benz?

Every Mercedes-Benz vehicle requires premium unleaded gas, unless it’s a full EV. At minimum, the gas you pump into your Mercedes-Benz should feature an octane rating of 91 or higher.

Have More Questions About Premium vs. Regular Gasoline Differences?

If you have more questions about what the difference is between premium and regular gas, don’t hesitate to call the service department at Mercedes-Benz Brampton. You can reach our mechanics at (647)-699-3510. If you’d like to test drive a sporty sedan or crossover that requires premium gas, just call our sales department at (647)-360-3087, and don’t forget to explore our new vehicle specials near Georgetown!

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