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What is a CVT Transmission?

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If you’ve been browsing our inventory, you may have noticed “CVT” written in the specs sheet. So, just what is a CVT transmission, and how does it differ from a traditional automatic? The experts from our service team are here to help! Find all about the benefits of CVT technology, and stop by Mercedes-Benz Brampton to test drive our new vehicle specials today!

What is a CVT vs. Automatic Transmission?

You may be familiar with manual and automatic transmission, but what is a CVT transmission? A CVT stands for “continuously variable transmission, but you may have heard its other names around Caledon as well: shiftless transmission, a step-less transmission, or a pulley transmission. What is a CVT compared to an automatic transmission?

  • A CVT is a subcategory of automatic transmission.
  • An automatic transmission uses fixed-gear ratios and a CVT uses infinitely variable ratios with two pulleys and a chain or belt.
  • CVTs are found on smaller, fuel-efficient vehicles to boost fuel economy even further.

How Does a CVT Work?

A traditional automatic transmission uses a system of gears, shifting from low to high as speeds increase. A CVT, on the other hand, doesn’t use fixed gears. It uses cone-shaped pulleys connected by a chain or belt. One side remains still, while the other side of the pulley adjusts to your speed automatically with a hydraulic cylinder. The cylinder manipulates the distance between the two pulleys, moving the belt up and down to match your speed. This occurs without the need for a shift knob or paddles, so you can just enjoy your Orangeville travels.

What are the Benefits of a CVT?

You know what is a CVT, but why is this a better option for Georgetown drivers than an automatic? There are two primary benefits: efficiency and simplicity. Because the CVT doesn’t choose between fixed gears, it can optimize your performance and fuel economy with more finesse than a standard automatic. And because CVTs don’t have gears, they are simpler in design with fewer moving parts. This can translate to more affordable repairs!

Learn More with Mercedes-Benz Brampton

Whether you want to buy a new Mercedes-Benz model with a CVT or you’re getting ready for your next maintenance appointment, contact us today at Mercedes-Benz Brampton. Our team can provide the quality car care that you need, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us in Brampton.

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