Should BMW Be Afraid Of Mercedes-Benz?

August 26th, 2016 by

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It is a known fact that BMW has dominated the sales of luxury vehicles since way back in 2005. However, all that might change when the current year ends.

The month of July saw sales of Mercedes-Benz increasing by over double that of BMW’s sales. Incidentally, the latter is Benz’s arch-rival and if the same trend continues for the remaining months of 2016, Benz would reclaim its lead on the luxury car segment when the year comes to an end. No doubt, the improvement in its sales figures last month had a lot to do with its sportier lineup along with a fresh lot of SUVs.

There was a jump of 12 percent in the deliveries made by Mercedes-Benz to reach a figure of 1.17 million vehicles during January to July this year. In comparison, BMW managed to increase its deliveries by only 5.6 percent. Thus, Mercedes had a lead of 30k cars as compared to its top rival. Audi was in the third place with a rise of 5.2 percent during the same time period.

All these 3 German carmakers have been juggling with one another to be at the number one position in worldwide sales, a position that has been occupied by the BMW since 2005. It now appears that Mercedes is all set to clinch the top position after multiplying its introduction SUVs with new additions like GLC-Class crossover. It also introduces a fresh version of the famous E-Class model.

A UK based analyst, Stuart Pearson also indicated that it now seems evitable that MW would be losing its top spot this year. According to Pearson, their product cycle is weaker as compared to Mercedes now.

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