Spare Parts Warranty Policy

Limited Spare Parts & Accessories Warranty

As of January 1, 2013 OtC warranty parts coverage now includes parts, dealer handling and labour for defects in material and workmanship when OtC warranty repairs are performed at an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer.


OtC Parts Installed by Dealer

  • The customer must supply a copy of the invoice showing the purchase of the part from an authorized MBC dealer and installation receipt (if applicable).

OtC Parts Installed by Owner or Independent Service Provider

  • Owner or Independent Service Provider returning to an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer for diagnosis related to the OtC part: If its determined there is adefect in material or workmanship with the part, the dealer can claim parts, dealer handling and labour (OtC invoice from customer is required. If part installed by ISP, installation invoice and OtC invoice is required).


24 months / unlimited km from the purchase date, with the exception of:

  • batteries
  • CD Changer
  • navigation system
  • all part numbers starting with “PBQ” and
  • maintenance / wear items

MBC Reconditioning Centre Parts (parts ending with an 88 with the exception of audio head units) 24 months unlimited KM.

Maintenance / wear items are covered for defects 12 months / 20,000 km

  • Wiper blades are covered for 3 months / 5,000 km

Batteries for remote control key

  • 90 days from date of sale (except smart –includes spare)

Car Batteries

48 months/unlimited km pro rata

  • 01 – 24 months (free replacement)
  • 25 – 48 months : 50% credit of suggested retail price; owner pays service/ installation charge. (ESKULAB sent to Warranty dept. for manual review, to be entered at 100% with modification to 50% acceptance done by MBC)