Taking the AMG E 63 S 4MATIC Wagon for a Spin is like taking a Ride in Heaven

January 23rd, 2019 by


The AMG E 63 S 4MATIC is a beautiful vehicle whichever way you look at it. It’s available in a multitude of colors and each one is lovelier than the last. It has the option of 20-inch AMG twin 5-spoke wheels as well as cross spoke matte black wheels. It comes in a variety of colors including deep blacks, beautiful snowy whites, deep blues, rich reds, and a classic grey.


The interior of the car is just as beautiful as the exterior. It has the option of black, grey, and brown leather seats and coverings with a few classic colors for trims. The Nappa leather used to coat the interior is just as comfortable to sit on as it is pleasing to the eyes.


The vehicle comes with a Handcrafted AMG 4.0 L V8 bi-turbo engine that has a top horsepower of 603 and can go from 0-100 km/h in 3.5 seconds. It has a top speed of 300 km/h and can tear up the road any day of the week.

The ECO Start/Stop system automatically shuts off when the car approaches stop lights and rests idle in other situations. This reduces emissions and saves fuel. The engine restarts immediately when the car is accelerated again. The Driver’s Package includes options for an AMG Nappa/DINAMICA Performance steering wheel and a Performance Exhaust System for better fuel economy.


There are a lot of features, like the Brake Assist, Attention Assist, and the Blind Spot Assist, that help the driver take control in difficult situations. The car alerts the driver when it senses audible warnings of drowsiness, and when there is a vehicle approaching ahead. It also provides better braking if sudden pressure is applied to the brake.

Rain-sensing windshield wipers and adaptive high beam assist helps in rainy situations when the driver is unable to see far because of the weather. There is also 9-way airbag protection so that if an accident does occur, minimal harm comes to the driver.

There are a lot of cars out there that you can spend money on, but only a few really count as a good bargain and a great purchase. The E 63 S 4MATIC Wagon is not only great for the price but it is also candy for the eyes. Its drive is like a dream that transports you to a place where you’d love to stay!


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