Tech features of the Mercedes-AMG GT S

March 30th, 2016 by


The world of entertainment has been installed in the AMG GT S partnering it with superior navigation and incredible operating convenience. Here is a look of the technology available in the new AMG GT S:

  • High-resolution screens – Two high resolution screens are installed in the GT S which can automatically adjust their brightness based on the light in their ambience. Towards the central portion of the cockpit, there is an 8.4” screen which can be used for navigation and audio purposes. There is an analog color screen in front of the driver which can be used for driving systems.
  • Surround Sound – Burmester, which is one of the largest home audio makers has designed the AMG GT S’ surround sound system. There are 10 speakers with 640 watt capacity having 10 channels available in the car to fill in the ambience with seamless music.
  • Voice controlling – The car has been safeguarded with an advance voice controlled system which can be operated with a phone or simply an audio. Navigation will commence just by saying the name of the city. The system is smart enough to learn what is taught to it and can understand ‘yes’ for ‘yeah’.
  • USB enabled dual audio ports – There is a dual USB connector available which can help in plugging an iPod or any similar digital player. All that is needed is the device cable which can be connected to the port. These USB ports stand good for battery charging purposes.
  • SD card reader – There is a slot available for the memory card to be inserted in the console.

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