Tech Features of the Mercedes-Benz SL Roadster

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The SL Roadster from Mercedes-Benz has been specially designed for a true expression of athleticism and a luxury car that intends to pamper its occupants in all ways. The beauty of the car is that it has all the features that go into the making of a good sports car with high acceleration and output.

The SL Roadster’s short rear-deck and long hood looks quite graceful and are in perfect proportion to give it a stylish look. It cabin is beyond any type of complaint and has a flowing and elegant dashboard design with circular air-vents. The quality of materials used at the interior is top notch with French-stitched leather. The folding hardtop of SL may be heavy and yet offers various benefits over a standard cloth roof. Some of the merits include greater protection from theft, enhanced insulation and a couple like appearances while raised.

You can use the shade if the sun is too much or feel the breeze

The SL’s power hardtop is retractable in its signature style and can transform an open roadster into a cosseting coupe within a few seconds. The car has a Panorama roof with a panel that is see-through with a sliding sunshade. SL Roadster offers several viewing option by just touching a button. Its revolutionary MAGIC SKY CONTROL® can enable you to darken the glass panel of the roof electronically.

Modern performance

The current model weighs about 300 lbs less than its earlier version. The crafting has been done using extruded, hydro formed, and chilled-cast and die cast aluminum. The rigidity factor has been increased by 20 percent and results in higher athletic performance, comfort and safety.

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