The 2019 Metris from Mercedes-Benz can help you move Mountain Loads

January 2nd, 2019 by

Sometimes you can just look at a vehicle and know that it’s a powerhouse. You don’t get that with many vehicles. Sure, they may look like they can take a beating, but they don’t look like they can last long after that. With the 2019 Metris, you can be sure that it’ll carry whatever you put into it and make it through the journey with you. It’s more than just a Cargo Van, it’s a mover and a shaker, in every sense of the word.


Let’s begin with the size of the van. It’s a mammoth vehicle that measures 191 cm in height while having a capacity of 5.64 cubic meters. It can carry over 1135 kg of weight and still squeeze through narrow lanes and easily coast under structures like bridges and garages. It’s a true navigator and loader and unloader through and through. It’s available in two lengths which goes up to 537 cm. You may have seen vans as large, but never in a form factor such as this. It truly is a package that looks larger on the inside than it is on the outside.



The power of the Metris is incredible, even for its size. It has the innovation of Mercedes Benz at its core. It has a 2.0 L cylinder and a turbocharged gas engine with direct injection. It can deliver up to 208 horsepower and incorporates Standard ECO start/stop technology for greener emissions. It has maintenance intervals that can go up to 25,000 km and a 7-speed automatic transmission. While all those specs may sound impressive on their own already, when they all work together to give you the ability to move anything you can put into the Metris, they feel even more impressive.



The Metris has been lauded as one of the best value fleet vehicles in recent years. It has received the Vincentric Best Fleet Value in Canada award for a third year running in 2018. This makes it an especially great buy since it has been known for its perfection year after year.

Vincentric has compiled data from over 1800 vehicle configurations and has finally arrived at this vehicle every time for the last three years, so they have the research to back up the claim for best value.

And while that is extremely impressive, it’s even more heartening to see that one of the greatest fleet vehicles is also the best value for money. That’s not something you always come across. That’s special, that’s worth buying and worth preserving.

The Metris is a mid-size van and a specifications powerhouse, but it also delivers where it counts, in the value department. It is a testament to the tradition of greatness at Mercedes-Benz that the Metris 2019 has come so far and given so much to the consumer for what they earn and purchase.



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