The AMG G 63 SUV from Mercedes-Benz Captures the Raw feel of Adventure

January 14th, 2019 by

If you’re ever in the mood to go for a hike or to roam through the desert, you’ll need a tough vehicle to get you there. The AGM G 63 SUV looks rugged enough from the outside that you can trust it’ll get the job done. The precisioned finished and the sharp corners of the vehicle just scream toughness and durability.

The AMG G 63 SUV combines the tradition of classic craftsmanship of two global brands, the G-Class, and the AMG. The performance and class of the two brands come together to define the world class standards that the vehicle delivers.


The success that AMG has had on the race track has translated in the G 63 SUV. Its V8 engine delivers a horsepower of 577. Its cylinder heads have a duet of twin-scroll turbos in between and the sodium filled valves of the engine are made to deliver pure power during the drive.


The 9-speed transmission allows for 627 lb-ft of torque to be delivered from your fingertips to your feet. And the AMG SPEEDSHIFT TCT transmission can allow you to drive with multiple modes and quick shifts. The engine also has the option to downshift many gears simultaneously for immediate response.


The sidepipes on the AMG G 63 SUV from Mercedes-Benz exit through chrome outlets in front of every rear wheel. The flaps on the inside allow you to switch from subtle to assertive in an instant.


The SUV allows you to set a driving mode for every occasion. So many features like throttle mapping, engine-mount stiffness, damping rate, and shifting behavior are all under your control.


You can choose to dial them up or down depending on your mood. You can even dial down the ESP intervention if you’re looking to drive on the open road and dial it up if you’re going through a very crowded area with bumper to bumper traffic.


On top of that, you get a top of the line 12.3 inch display. You get a widescreen dash and the G-Class lock controls. All this puts you in complete control of the mammoth vehicle you’re using to traverse harsh terrains and beautiful landscapes.


The performance steering wheel features some great touch control buttons and hand stitched Nappa leather to give you comfort and control in the same breath.


If you’re looking for style with substance, the AMG G 63 SUV is the way to go. Any of the 20 or 21-inch wheel designs will help you conquer any terrains. The chrome body accents and the deep black contrasts of the Night Package version will help you stand out in any environment.


The vertical chrome bars of the grille not only give the front a bold look, but they also feed vital air in to the running gear. The look compliments the efficiency of the vehicle perfectly.


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