The AMG S 65 Sedan from Mercedes-Benz is a Powerful Machine

January 22nd, 2019 by

The AMG S 65 Sedan from Mercedes-Benz is a very powerful machine that has tons of bells and whistles attached for enthusiasts as well as the average car lovers who just want a great ride.


The 20-inch AMG forged twin 5-spoke wheels that come in multiple colors complement the exterior of the car perfectly. They fulfill their purpose of being an eye catching visual element as well as tearing up the road in the best possible way. The model comes in two varieties, the one with the AMG Exterior Carbon Trim for extra strength and rigidity, and the MG Night Package, which gives a glossy black finish to every single part of the car’s exterior.


The Interior of the AMG S 65 Sedan allows for the best leather finishes to be integrated into a seemingly plain and simple car on the outside. You can choose to wildly contrast the interior with the exterior or seamlessly blend the seat covers with the outside finish. There are deep grays and blacks and browns that you can choose from and anthracite poplar wood trims that will finish off the look of the interior for you.


You will get the best entertainment system that money can buy in the Sedan of your choice. There are two options that you can go for, the ENERGIZING Comfort Control and the MAGIC SKY CONTROL. The former allows you to coordinate the climate control, the air balance fragrance, the ambient lighting and the audio system. It has various physical benefits and a set of included music tracks that will help you relax while you drive.

The second MAGIC SKY CONTROL package will allow you to alter the transparency of the panoramic sun roof in order to let more light in. The darkened setting will allow the car to go fully black inside and the lightened setting will allow visible light to enter while UV and infrared rays are blocked. This way you can control the temperature of the cabin without compromising the light intensity.


The Handcrafted engine with a 6.0 L capacity and V12 bi-turbo thrust will allow you to go faster and faster. However, there are a lot of features and assists that will help you stay safe as well. There is the Attention assist and the PRE-SAFE sound that will alert you when there is an obstruction approaching. There are also 9 airbags that will become active if there are accidents. All in all, the car will help you avoid any sort of accidents.


There are prepaid maintenance packages that can be added to your purchase. There is the 36 month prepaid maintenance package and the Mercedes me Connect Services package which allows you to remotely control your car with an app. There is a concierge service with a 1 year trial included with your purchase that allows you to keep in touch with a concierge for any assistance that you may require.



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