The AMG SL 65 Roadster will make you Nostalgic for the Rugged Masculinity of the 70s

January 15th, 2019 by

Every so often you get to look at a car that defines an era. Cars can do that; they’re some of the very few objects that can. The only other things on that list are old photos, films, and music. However, a car can just remind you of the old days with just a single glance, while a tune or a film may take much longer to do the same. The old rugged designs of the 70s may have gone out of production, but they have never gone out of style for the dreamers and the true blue nostalgics.


The AMG SL 65 Roadster is one car that makes you feel like you’re getting in to an old 70s car which you can rely on to take you from one state to another, from one country to the other, and even further if you try. That’s not an easy feeling to replicate and it takes a lot to make you feel that way. The AMG Sl 65 Roadster has the precision and design aesthetics that go in to making a car hum and drive in a way that transports you back to the good old days.


It comes in a variety of colors that ranges from fine magnetite and obsidian blacks to deep blues and rich reds. There are even snowy whites and classic selenite grays that will seamlessly match your classic suits if you would like.


The car can be fitted with AMG cross spoke forged wheels and 10-spoke forged wheels that can brave any terrain. Ranging from 19-20 inches in diameter, these wheels will go near and far with you without failing even once. They will go with you where ever the long road takes you.


Once you jump in to the AMG SL 65 you’ll notice that there are a lot of things that you can take advantage of including the ECO start/stop system and the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT system. The advanced braking and exhaust system will help you manage the handling and power respectively, and the active brake assist will help you in situations where you just can’t act fast enough. Active Parking Assist and Active High Beam will help you keep track of your surroundings and help others know that you’re in the vicinity so that you’re safe from any head on collisions.


The interior of the AMG SL 65 is even more beautiful than its exterior. There are plenty of leather trimmings and designs to choose from. From the ginger beige/espresso brown Nappa leather, to the Bengal Red Leather finish, you can have any one you wish. The trimmings colored in the exquisite AMG Carbon Fiber and the Dark Ash wood, or design Bamboo will beautifully compliment any design that you choose.


The SL 65 Roadster is a dream to drive and a dream that you just have to experience to believe.


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