The AMG SLC 43 Roadster is a Car you just want to Drive, no matter where to

February 5th, 2019 by

It’s one of the most rugged cars you’ll ever lay your eyes on, and it backs that up with a spec sheet. The AMG SLC 43 Roadster will get you where you want to go fast, and do it with style and finesse. It will never quit on you and will stick with you with all the flare, guaranteeing that you will make a memorable impression.


The AMG SLC Roadster comes in a slew of rich colors from black to blue, to red, and every shade and every color will dazzle when it’s on display. It also comes with an option for 18-inch wheels with 10-spoke designs, multi-spoke designs, and bi-color designs. The Night Package will afford you jet black accents with a finish that transforms the front air dam splitters and the air intake fins.

Magic Sky Control will allow for the top to fade from transparent to translucent so that you can shut out the sunlight and welcome it in at your heart’s desire.

You can even modify the chrome hood trim with silver accents and make it shine even more than it already does. All this will impress upon first glance, but what’s on the inside and under the hood is even more impressive.


Laden with Black Nappa Leather and red stitching or with Brown Nappa Leather, the interior will always look sharp. There are options for trimmings in dark aluminum, burl walnut wood, dark ash wood, etc, which will all suit the interior well.

There are options for Illuminated door sills that light up when you open the door, and designo red or silver seat belts which will hold you in place, away from danger, no matter the force of the impact.

There is also the option of getting the Premium Package which comes with bells and whistles like the AIRSCARF (neck level heating, so you can drive with the top down when there’s a chill in the air), and Parking Assist PARKTRONIC (which will help you fit in to the trickiest parking spaces)


For safety, there are several options including the 6 air bags within the vehicle as well as adaptive braking technology and brake assist that helps sudden braking and gives an immediate response.

The AMG SLC 43 Roadster is a rugged car in every sense of the word, taking on danger and thrill right by your side.


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