The B-Class Electric Drive Brings Mercedes-Benz’ Class to the Segment

March 2nd, 2016 by


Mercedes-Benz is now emphasizing on its electric cars. The B-Class is an attempt at adding some more class to the iconic three-pointed star thus giving it a more electrifying turn. The car could go up to the speed of 87 miles on a single charge. In fact, the car could go up to 60 miles per hour in a span of 6.8 seconds. The vehicle uses an electric motor that can pump as much as 177 horsepower powering the front wheels. The car could be charged for a 60-mile range in a couple of hours using 240 volts.

The B-Class has the capacity to significantly energize you. The vehicle could be maneuvered to your advantage and could be suited to match your requirements. The charging mechanism is also fairly simple. The stations to charge the vehicles could be found out rather easily using the m-brace applications for the mobile or using the Vehicle Homepage.

With a rather sleek yet spacious 5-door system, the B-Class offers accommodation to five passengers. You could also fold the rear seats and the car has got a wide-opening hatch. The safety and comfort factors have been worked out to perfection and anyone would have a wonderful time riding the car.

This vehicle could be touted as one of the finest among the electric variants.

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