The C-Class Cabriolet is Built for the Open Road

December 20th, 2018 by

There’s just something about the unexplored roads that beckons the human soul. It enticed explorers dating back to hundreds, even thousands of years ago when they decided to venture beyond their own lands, and it created the drive in the first men to reach escape velocity to go to the moon. There’s a urge inside every person that makes them want to explore what’s beyond the horizon, and there’s no vehicle to do that better on than the C-Class Cabriolet from Mercedes-Benz.

The slogan given to this car is “Touch the sky, grip the road” and that’s exactly what you want in a car that you hit the open road with. The feeling of flying in the open skies without leaving the ground is exactly what the C-Class Cabriolet provides. It has a set of 18-inch wheels to die for and staggered width tires that make sure cornering is a breeze.

There’s even a Sport and a Night Package to go with, which come with 19-inch wheels for extra grip and power.

The 3 layer acoustic soft top can be summoned from the well in a matter of seconds so that you can cut off from the outside world and enjoy solitude while on your way. You can just as easily pull it down to experience the wind stroking your face and to relish the air on the open road.

There are also many modes you can shift into to experience the thrill of the ride. The DYNAMIC SELECT option allows you to switch from sports car mode to comfort mode and it even lets you customize a special mode that you can leave on as default to drive how you like each time you step in to the car.

The design is not just a sight for sore eyes, but also allows you to tear through the wind as fast as you can. The advanced aerodynamic design and the 469 horse power afforded to you through the C-Class Cabriolet will have you going from 0 to 100 in 4.1 seconds. Those are some incredible specifications for a car available to the public. Just wait till you experience it in the car itself; it’ll blow your hair back, both figuratively and literally.

The ‘C-Class Cabriolet’ is a 4-season convertible that’ll make you want to jump in and tear up the road no matter the temperature. Along with being agile, strong and fast, it’s also an efficient beast of a machine that gives you incredible mileage when you take the wheel. You’ll be glad to fill her up each time because you’ll get so much out of so little.

The Cabriolet allows you to harness the air to make the top down drive a lot more enjoyable. The AIRSCARF technology wraps warm air around the shoulders and turns a cold evening in to a drive you can only imagine in your dreams.


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