The Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe is a Coupe Ahead of the Rest

December 31st, 2018 by

Everyone dreams of rolling up to a party in style, stepping off a great car in a great tailored suit. Withare lights flashing everywhere and journalists lining up to get a picture of you etc. While you may never achieve celebrity status, you can certainly attain the suit and the car. And there may be no better option for the latter other than the C-Class Coupe. It’s the suave and sophisticated ride you’ve always wanted. It’s simple and elegant, just like a classic tailored suit. So not only will it match, it’ll dazzle.


The C-Class Coupe will put you in a league of your own when  rolling down the street or tearing up the local track. No matter If you’re an enthusiast, or more of a lazy driver, you will feel comfortable gripping that steering wheel as the tires grip the road.

With the standard 18-inch wheels and the 4-wheel multi-link suspension, you can cling to the pavement for the smoothest ride you’ve ever taken in your life. Even with sharp turns, you can relax as the selective damping has you covered.

The car exhudes class from head to tail. From the diamond-block grille that dazzles to the LED headlamps that catches everyone’s attention, the car is all style and all substance. The little details like the frameless door glass and the LED tail lamps all come together to produce an experience that is as simple as it is elegant. All of it falls in to place like a diamond on a ring.

The panoramic sunroof is also a class exclusive that makes the experience of driving on the open road an incredible one. You can take the roof down to enjoy the breeze passing through your hair or put it up to enjoy a quiet drive alone with your thoughts or with someone special, just chatting the drive away.


The C-Class Coupe from Mercedes Benz has a C 300 4MATIC 241-horsepower turbo 4 engine that accounts for speed and efficiency. The millisecond-quick direct injection and multi-spark ignition optimizes the car for the best possible performance.

The engine allows your C-Class Coupe to fly on the road, reaching speeds of over 100 km/h in just 6.0 seconds.


The controls in the C-Class Coupe responds to your voice and to your touch. It’s a true 21st century car, equipped with the best in both mobile and manual experience. An optional heads up display puts the most valuable information up on the screen in front of you, and since it floats over the hood, you have no need to move your eyes away from the road.

The C-Class Radar helps spot any hazards in your path and warns you before you need to hit the brakes. This feature takes care of any safety problems you may have by semi-autonomously assisting you with any evasive maneuvers.


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