The Mercedes-Benz F015, Self-Driving Luxury

February 24th, 2016 by

The Mercedes-Benz F015, Self-Driving Luxury

Mercedes-Benz is set to unveil its driverless car to enhance its already rich repertoire of cars. If comments made by the CEO of Daimler is anything to go by, self-driving is in. The company is looking at a market consisting of people who don’t want to drive cars themselves but are interested in luxurious personal transportation such as the one offered by Limousine.

The CEO reiterated that this remains to be one of the primary development goals of the oldest car manufacturer in Germany. If the car arrives autonomously, it might add to the comfort factor of the passengers.

The car manufacturer plans to rope in all the companies it owns in order to find out the best services. It plans to use its car pooling services to aid the conduction of the service.

In its effort to develop the car, the company showed its autonomous prototype car in the month of January.

The new car known as F015 is going to incorporate all the luxurious features that a person might vie for. The company has actually envisioned a number of future scenarios that go by a number of contemporary mobility considerations. The motor car under the given circumstances conceives it to be a luxurious private retreat. This novel four-seater is touted to take the factor of personal comfort to a new level altogether. The futuristic look of the car is indicative of that.

The new car is set to take the market by a storm and redefine the concept of mobile comfort. Just in case you plan to buy a F015, visit Mercedes-Benz Brampton store today.







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