The New Smart Convertible is Possibly the Most Fun to Drive EV out There

February 24th, 2016 by

The New Smart Convertible is possibly the most fun to drive EV out there

The smart fortwo has been one of the finest small cars in the market. The car has been instrumental in redefining the concept of urban personal mobility during the last ten years. With an environmentally-friendly approach, the principal intent of the car is to ensure fun. The car has evolved in terms of almost everything. With its rather unique design, the car now features assistance mechanisms to ensure comfort and safety. This could easily be branded as the best thing that that could have happened to you in the urban landscape.

With a rather compact and economical design, the car happens to be the best possible option for driving in the everyday city setting. With a good bit of space and comfortable doors, the interior of the car is simply amazing. Consequently, it is simply fun to drive the car that is so obviously different from all other cars in its category. Whether you are looking for steel wheels or alloy, twin spokes or spokes; the car caters to all individual tastes. With a unique engine and rear wheel, the car is more reminiscent of a sports car than an everyday car.

The car is endowed with a lot of technologically progressive devices so that the drive experience becomes rather smooth. The ‘direct-steer’ mechanism helps in parking. The car also has power steering that is sensitive to speed. The car is a welcome break from the drudges of driving run-of-the-mill cars.

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