The Pre-Safe Plus System and How It Works

March 2nd, 2016 by


Vehicle manufacturers are attaching a lot of significance on safety nowadays. Consequently, any new safety feature gains a lot of attention. Mercedes-Benz’s new safety system christened as Pre-Safe Plus is nothing but an extension of the Pre-Safe system. It has been designed to tackle situations that can be caused by any disruptive element from the behind, an ideal example would be a rear-end collision.

A number of accidents could be effectively avoided through the issuance of time-bound warnings. The Pre-Safe Plus system gives a warning before the occurrence of a collision. When the system detects a possible collision, the hazard light at the back of the vehicle gets activated at a frequency higher than normal thus garnering the attention of the drivers who are driving other vehicles behind.

Just in case, the chances of collision still persist, the Pre-Safe Plus activates the safety features inside the vehicle for all the people inside the vehicle including the automatic tensing of the belts.

If your car happens to be in stationary mode during the eruption of the situation, the car is kept rather firmly braked just before the impact happens thereby reducing the jolt and considerably decreasing the obvious risk of injuries for all the vehicle occupants. Additionally, the application of the car’s brakes could also stop secondary accidents, examples being collision with the car in front of your vehicle at traffic halts and collisions with pedestrians.

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