The S600 Maybach, a Lesson on Making Every Other Car Look Ordinary

March 16th, 2016 by


The S600 Maybach is much more luxurious than an ordinary sedan. It is not just any sumptuous limo in the stretched S-class, featuring a badge from Maybach. It comes with features such as six liter and twin turbo V-12 engine with 523 horsepower. The car’s powerful engine offers smooth movement and its passengers can enjoy leather recliners and hot-stone massaging. The S600 Maybach has been tipped as the quietest car in the world with a standard audio system from Burmester. The car can be also regarded as a moving concert hall due to its high-performance audio system.

The S600 is being tipped as the quietest car in the world. There is a new car fragrance now. Its air-filtration system fills the interior of the cabin with a proprietary signature fragrance. Whenever one has a discussion about all those sedans available at a bargain prices, this car will feature in the top of that list. You won’t be able to make out how relatively economical it is when you sit and relax in the spacious and hyper-luxurious back seat of this Maybach car.

It is true that at times you get a feel of riding an extra-good Mercedes-Benz S-class when you are driving or sitting inside an S600. But on a closer glance, here is a car that feels solid, expensive and extra-nice. Of course, it can be certified as a deluxe car for all its exciting features.

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