The SLR could return!

July 18th, 2016 by


The German automaker, Mercedes Benz has a reputation for producing highly advanced technology innovations, both in terms of the design and engineering of its automobile line up. The manufacturer has gained further momentum in developing high performance supercars, which would bring it in line with its contemporary rivals in the global automobile market.

Out of the two possibilities of the automaker’s brand new SLR lineup, the second one is being considered by the designer and engineers at AMG, as a hyper car with an engine mounted somewhere in the middle of the automobile. The concept is likely to be developed along the lines of McLaren P1 and Ferrari LaFerrari. As per speculative assumptions, the supercar would be provided with a uni body structure, fitted with a plethora of components made of carbon fiber, an improved aerodynamic structure, two electric motors and a supercharged V-8 powertrain. The power packed engine of the SLR is expected to deliver a mind blowing 1050 horsepower. The mid engine automobile, would be marked with a price tag north of $1.06 million, and will be available on a limited production level of 500 to 750 units per year.

Although, the company has not yet decided upon the final configuration of their much anticipated supercar, it has revealed its plans to make the automobile available in both roadster and coupe variants, along with a model of the Black Series and a further upgraded GT3, afterwards.

It is unclear whether the automaker is going to use the SLR moniker for its supercar, or would christen it with a new name. Either way, the automobile is sure to hit the markets with a storm.

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