The SLS AMG Black – Refined, but Monstrous

February 24th, 2016 by

The SLS AMG Black - refined but monstrous

Mercedes-Benz has been known to dole out class and sophistication for many years now. A look at its array of cars bears a testimony to that. However, the SLS AMG Black Series is not only sophisticated but bears a primal power factor as well, which hardly needs any mention.

It doesn’t hurt anyone that the car accelerates to a massive speed of 100 km/hour within 3.6 seconds. The highest speed remains to be a beastly 315km/hour. The curb weight of the car stands at 1550 kilograms which is about 70 kilograms lighter than the previous SLS AMG series. The power/weight ratio for the car is impressive to say the least.

The car is the costliest and, not to mention, the most exquisite Mercedes at this point in time. The vehicle with an absolute raw demeanor could be easily compared with the black diamond found in parts of Central Africa and South America.

Driving the car is indeed a physical experience one wouldn’t forget. Although not as violent as some of the cars in its category, the experience is not one bit less aggressive than some of its peers. The throttle pedal happens to be very smooth.

Just as the black diamonds are rather tough to be polished, a car belonging to the SLS AMG Black Series is too daunting for the usual ride. With an optional aerodynamics package in order to better the car’s driving dynamics, the car is set to rule the roads.

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