The Sprinter Cab Chassis is the Ultimate Vehicle for Heavy Lifting

January 3rd, 2019 by

There are many vehicles out there that can be called heavy lifters. However, the Sprinter Cab Chassis may just have the crown among those for a long time. It comes in two models, the Standard Roof 144 WB and the Standard Roof 170 WB. The difference between the two is the maximum capacity payload that can be carried.


The Sprinter Cab Chassis is a modular vehicle. It can be loaded and unloaded and can carry massive loads of up to 2898 kg in total. The towing capacity of the vehicle is even bigger, as it can two approximately 3402 kg with ease.


The reason behind this is the BlueTEC Diesel Engine which has a torque of a V6. It has 5-speed transmission and a total horsepower of 188. The total torque is 325 lb and provides incredible speed as well as endurance during long journeys.


Even though the Sprinter Cab Chassis is very strong, it’s also super light weight so that it doesn’t add a lot to the weight that it has to carry. This innovation in design allows it to be a strong vehicle capable of pulling several tons at the same time as being extremely light to transport.


The Interior of the Sprinter Cab Chassis is even more beautiful than its exterior if you can believe it. The controls and quality components are built for instant response, handling, comfort and beauty. Sitting inside, you will feel no less than a king that is lucky enough to drive a castle on wheels. The smooth black interiors match the seat covers and give the entire vehicle a futuristic look.

Special Features

The special features in the Sprinter Cab Chassis have been built to accommodate the weight that the vehicle has to carry. They are built around the primary function of the Sprinter Cab and have been engineered to precision. The first feature, Adaptive ESP (Electronic Stability Program) is built around stability. The huge weight that the Cab Chassis has to carry makes it vulnerable to losing control. The wheels could spin out of control and the vehicle could tip over. To minimize that risk to the point of impossibility, the ADAPTIVE ESP feature applies counter forces to wheels that have lost control. Engine output is also adjusted so that the vehicle can be stabilized immediately.


The Upfitter-Friendly features that the Sprinter Cab Chassis has allow for unobstructed frame rails. This means that they can handle every configuration you throw at them. And since Mercedes-Benz only partners up with certain bodybuilding specialists, the upfit experience is optimized for the best standards available.


The Sprinter Cab Chassis may look like an ordinary pickup, but it’s one of the most multi-purpose vehicles ever designed. It’s lightweight and strong, fast, and great at handling, and is very smart with how it moves. It’s something that has been designed with precision and safety in mind.



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