The Top 5 Essentials of a Mercedes-Benz Vehicle

October 3rd, 2018 by

Mercedes-Benz has always been the brand that delivers on its promises. Every vehicle that rolls out of the Mercedes-Benz factory is loaded with top quality features that are built to last a lifetime. The reason for such reliability is the principles that engineers and designers follow when building the best automobiles the world has ever seen.

This discipline of the workers has steered the company to develop a list of essentials for every vehicle that wears the three pointed star badge. This essential list is a gift for the customers for their loyalty and their trust in the brand.

Here are the top 5 essentials for a Mercedes-Benz automobile:

1.     Multi-Contour Seats

Mercedes-Benz is known for its high-quality seats in its vehicles. These multi-contour seats by Mercedes-Benz are now available in almost every luxury vehicle produced by the brand. Of course, the options on these seats vary from model to model.

Multi-contour seats from Mercedes-Benz are designed to offer lower back support to the driver and the passengers. These seats are also loaded with heating and ventilation options. There is also a massage system available underneath the seats in most of the Mercedes-Benz vehicles today.

2.     Crosswind Assist

If you live in a windy region, then you might be familiar with turbulent driving against the raging winds. Unfortunately, most of the cars out there today aren’t equipped with proper wind assist systems, making them unsafe in these conditions.

Mercedes-Benz has made its crosswind assist system an essential feature for most of its vehicles. This system is designed to keep the car stable and to help the driver move forward no matter what the weather conditions are out there.

3.     Allergy Friendly Interior

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are equipped with the best air cleaning systems in the world. The high-quality cabin filters make sure the air is clean and free from all the contaminants that might trigger any allergies among the passengers. You can drive around in any kind of weather without worrying about catching any allergies in your Mercedes-Benz.


The MAGIC BODY CONTROL® system was originally designed for the mighty S-Class, but it is slowly making its way to the low range models as well. This system scans the road ahead for any potholes or rough surfaces, and then it simply informs the ECU to prepare the suspension accordingly. The car just glides over the road gently, and you barely feel anything inside.

5.     Fit and Healthy

The latest Mercedes-Benz cars, especially the S-Class, are equipped with health monitoring systems that keep an eye on the driver. The sensor in the steering wheel measures the heart rate of the driver in order to ensure its normality. The car also provides clean air to avoid triggering any allergies. It also alerts the driver after noticing any irregularities in the driving pattern and suggests taking a rest.


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