Top 5 driving destinations for the S class Cabriolet- I

July 20th, 2016 by

The all-new S-Class Cabriolet

The rich history of the German automaker’s first ever four seat open top convertible, the Mercedes Benz S class, dates back to the year 1971, when it was first introduced to the global automobile market. The manufacturer has now come up with two of the line-up’s present generation variants, namely the Mercedes Benz S550 Cabriolet and the Mercedes-AMG S63 Cabriolet.

The S550 Cabriolet priced at $131400 runs on a beefy 4.7 Liter V8 engine that delivers a whooping 449 horsepower. Since the two models hit the US markets around the delightful summer season, there is all the more reason for their owners to enjoy weekend getaways on their newly acquired performance packed beasts.

Commenting on five of his favorite long drive routes for an exotic open air driving experience, the CEO and president of the Mercedes Benz USA, Dietmar Exler stated, that he is a convertible connoisseur who loves to drive around in them, all throughout the year. The drive route to make it to the top of Exler’s favorite list is the 17-mile long trail on the Monterey Peninsula of California. He further added that the striking beauty of the drive route, that is located within a close proximity of the Pacific Ocean, lies in the fact, that one can notice the distinctive fragrance of the water body, and the lucky ones may even get to spot the sea lions across the shore of the peninsula.

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