Toronto’s Best Old School Diners

May 18th, 2017 by

Diners in Toronto

Our #MBB staff loves the feeling of an old school diner. It is one of the great things that Toronto has picked up from America and because of that, there are a wide variety of options to choose from. Our Mercedes-Benz Brampton staff chose our favorites.

The Lakeview

Lakeview first opened in 1932 and has been a staple ever since. Crowds always pack the booths here and their menu ranges from sandwiches like the classic club to burgers with bacon, cheese and other great toppings. If you want to treat yourself then you’ll get a milkshake from one of their vintage mixers they have at the restaurant.

Skyline Restaurant

Skyline has the usual diner options like a banquet burger, club sandwich or strawberry pie, but they also have unique options. These include avocado toast, mussels or arugula salad alongside your BLT.

The George St. Diner

Specializing in breakfast, The George St. Diner has a built-in advantage versus other diners. Their full Irish breakfast is the a crash course on diner eating and their ingredients have careful sourcing like organic eggs in your breakfast. Of course, all of their meals come with a cup of black coffee.

Vesta Lunch

All counter and stools, this 62-year-old Dupont institution has a menu with unreformed grilled cheese sandwiches, souvlaki on a bun and lots else. It gets crowded on weekend nights but is a fantastic setting for a diner-like atmosphere.


Mars’ menu is chock full of recognizable breakfast dishes including a section for omelettes and many combinations on the eggs-and-something else formula they offer. Build-your-own eggs benny steals the show, however, and is easily the crowd favorite. The setting mixes brass, history and an all-night convenience that will leave you happy upon conclusion.

These great diners are awaiting for you to discover and our Brampton Ontario staff hopes that we helped you in making a decision. Be sure to check out our dealership where we carry the best Mercedes-Benz vehicles and Mercedes-Benz parts for you to discover. For more information, visit our website at

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