Use Your Smartphone To Make Driving Easier

February 7th, 2017 by

If you’re looking for a new car, chances are Smartphone integration is one of the most important features you’re looking for. After all, a phone is one of the most practical electronic devices to have.  They let you browse the internet, communicate with others and find new destinations. To make the most out of your driving experience though, Mercedes-Benz Brampton has found these great phone apps that can make your life even easier:

GasBuddy: Saving money at the pump is always a good thing, and this easy-to-use app will find the lowest price in your area. Even if you only save a dime per fill-up, it can add up.  Watch for special promotions that give you a chance to win $100 in free gas.

Carcorder: Dashcams are great to have on your car as a record of your driving, but they can be expensive. With the Carcorder app, you can just place your phone in the right position on the dashboard and turn it on. It will record your drive, as well as your location and speed. It is also inexpensive.


Waze: As an alternative to Google or Apple Maps, Waze is perfect and absolutely free. Users can report accidents, traffic jams or other disturbances, and the information let’s you know which would be your fastest route.


Dashdroid and iCarMode: If you have a dashboard mount, these apps provide easy shortcuts to commonly used programs like your music. You can create custom shortcuts and voice commands, so you can keep both hands on the wheel.


Even the best smartphone #app needs the right car, so let our sales team at Mercedes-Benz Brampton help you find the right car to fit your lifestyle and your budget.  We have a great inventory of new and preowned #MercedesBenz vehicles, and you can view them all on  We are a premier Mercedes-Benz dealer in Brampton, And provide great Mercedes GTA service. We hope you’ll visit our state-of-the-art showroom soon!







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