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Mercedes Benz Brampton Vivid Vision

Our passion is to ensure an exceptional customer experience…… every time

Mercedes-Benz Vivid Vision

MBB by December 31, 2024

All Revved Up!

It’s 2024 and Mercedes Benz Brampton continues to be consistently rated top 5 or better nationwide in
all customer service measurables. We’ve achieved the Star Dealer status 4 more times. The real indication
of our success is the constant inquiries from dealerships across the country wanting to know how we
do what we do. Many of our customer service innovations – like the personalized Video Multi-Point
Inspection – have won awards and been rolled out and implemented by dealerships across North America
and Europe. Innovation is only possible with innovative people – and we have the best.

At the Wheel | MBB Management

There’s no more motivated or passionate leadership team than the management at MBB. They are the
most engaged and dialled-in professionals in the industry, living and breathing our core values. They
all thrive in our high-pace, high-reward environment and take pride in their ability to mentor and
cultivate a young, growing team. It’s no fluke that they have an outstanding team to work with.

Under the Hood | Our People

Staffing & Recruiting
We hire the best or nothing. We seek out happy, self-motivated and accountable people that share our core
values. People who don’t need to be pushed to succeed but chase success on their own. Over-achievers
who are driven to perform, thrive in a fun, high-paced, high-reward atmosphere, and understand that
character trumps all. Then we give them the tools they need to go from good to great. This is what makes
us the best dealer to work for.

Live/Work Balance & Benefits
We don’t hire employees, we bring on partners who show passion for what they do; who bring a
positive and contagious energy that creates the best customer experience in Canada. Our associates
are truly appreciated. We know that their success is our success, so we’ve got their backs – always. No
surprise then that we spend $100K/year on personal development and offer some of the best benefits

  • Monthly Gym Reimbursement Program and Facility
  • Personal Development Scholarship – we will split the cost up to $2,000 to pursue outside life enhancing activities
  • Paid volunteer days
  • Smoking Cessation Program
  • Celebration Events (BBQs, Holiday Lunch)
  • Employee CEI Program
  • Referral Bonus up to $50,000
  • Girls Trip to Blue Mountain and Spa
  • Full Dealership Beach Destination Trips (YES, entire dealership)

It All Comes Standard | Corporate Culture
MBB is all about growth, openness, empowerment and inclusion. We are a family that celebrates each other’s successes. We do what’s right, we create massive value. Everyone honestly believes they have the best job in the best organization and knows that the entire management team is working for them tirelessly every day. Jonathan has a wide open door policy and everyone is comfortable talking to him honestly and candidly. Associates are empowered and encouraged to take the initiative. To get the job done, period. To make everyone feel trusted and appreciated, so they come to the dealership each day happy and motivated. It just doesn’t feel like a job.

Owner’s Manual
We see the big picture, but we always sweat the small stuff. It’s the hundreds of daily activities that add up to success. We have a recipe for this success and we follow it consistently, every day. These essentials of the sales and service departments including

  • Confirming daily appointments
  • 1 on 1 coaching
  • Completing proper follow-up notes
  • Jump Start meetings
  • Warranty Assistance
  • Status Call Back
  • Schedule next appointment
  • In-house BDC scheduling service appointments
  • Appointments booked: Service 100/day and Sales 30/day
  • Customer VIP Program
  • Complimentry Experience Concierge service Pickup GTA (24-hour pickup from Home, Garage or Work)
  • Plus many more…
Core Values

  • Powered by our People: Motivated, Compassionate, Appreciated
  • Getting the job DONE period
  • Pride in everything we do
  • Massive value, we deliver it
  • We CELEBRATE even the smallest success

Firing on All Cylinders

High Performance Training | Coaching & Mentoring

Mercedes Benz Canada has numerous and continuing training programs that we encourage our team members to take advantage of. In addition, and in our quest for constant improvement, the dealership offers several training programs in all areas designed to improve associate performance and help them advance both their personal lives and careers. The management team’s primary focus is to enthusiastically mentor associates on a daily basis.

Dream Manager

We help our associates connect their job of today with their dreams of tomorrow. We have 3000+ hours of personal development training in our Tony Robbins App, and offer one-on-one coaching with the Tony Robbins team.

Bluetooth Enabled | Communication

A key contributor to our success is effective communication, both internal and external. Daily, weekly, and monthly communications, with stated purposes, and where everyone feels comfortable participating, keeps everyone motivated, inspired, and on the same page. A great example is the daily morning “Jump Start”. A quick 7 minute meeting where teams get together for a brief but meaningful learning experience focusing on a core value element of our service standards, and their main focus for the day. At MBB we like to communicate face-to- face, not screen-to- screen. Internally, email is rarely used. We all work in the same building, so we walk over to colleagues when we have a question. This makes our day more enjoyable and gives us the chance interact with more customers, and see more of our co-workers.

Technology & Process

Another reason for our success is our continual focus on processes to continual focus on developing our core processes. We are constantly reviewing and improving our processes in all facets of the business in order to enhance the customer experience. We also believe technology can be used to perfect our day-to- day operations, increase sales and create an outstanding customer experience. We never use technology for the sake of it. It is only useful if it enhances an experience or improves a process.

Blowing Our Own Horn | Marketing & Advertising

We are constantly measuring our advertising effectiveness. We have identified our target and know how to market to them directly at the appropriate time in both their vehicle’s life cycle and their purchase cycle. We continue to benefit from Mercedes Benz corporate advertising and have stepped up our own marketing efforts.

Mercedes-Benz Vivid Vision

Test Drive The Customer Experience

Our customers are our biggest fans. They enjoy every experience at MBB. Our courtesy and professionalism ensures every experience exceeds their expectations. They are inspired by our energy and impressed by our passion for serving their needs. They come to MBB because of our speed, efficiency, convenience and the MBB Extras including:

  • The MBB Bistro
  • Express service
  • Personalized Video Multi Point
  • Always available loaner vehicles
  • Pick Up & Delivery Service (PUD)
  • Golf Club PUD
  • 50 car showroom
  • Designated AMG Performance Center

Our customers expect a level of service beyond the norm and our team members are trained to take care of them better than anyone anywhere; better than the finest maître d’, the most upscale store clerk, the most seasoned concierge. That is what keeps them coming back, and that is what makes them tell all of their friends and family that Mercedes Benz Brampton is the only place to buy or service your car. Money can’t buy advertising like that

Burying the Needle | The Results of Rapid Growth

With a state-of-the-art 50 car showroom and all of the support staff that goes with it, we are now the
biggest Mercedes Benz dealership in the GTA with the highest sales in Canada!

  • 25 Sales Consultants
  • 6 F&I Managers
  • 30 Service Technicians
  • Dedicated area for vehicle delivery
  • Right people in the right seats
  • Documented and simplified
  • Core Processes
Giving back is something that comes naturally to all of us – on both a corporate and personal level. Whether it be through our various community sponsorship events, golf tournaments or giving to local charities, we continue to be supportive of the communities that we do business in. Associates always chip and are given 2 paid community days per year, making giving more than just time, it’s a part of their lives.

Accelerating Growth

While Mercedes Benz Brampton (MBB) is relatively new to the GTA, we are built upon a strong, national company heritage that has long enjoyed an outstanding reputation in the industry. We continue to foster this reputation by putting together teams comprised of exceptional people. People who share our vision. People who embody our values. People who want to be part of something special. It is these people and their passion to constantly ensure an exceptional customer experience that have already made us one of the top-rated Mercedes Benz dealerships in the country. There’s something exciting going on here. Our team feels it, and our customers feel it. We’re at the start of something special. We’re great now and poised to get greater. Let’s dream big, shift into high gear and envision Mercedes Benz Brampton 4 years down the road..
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