Why a Mercedes-Benz is the Best Graduation Present for Your Rising Star?

May 22nd, 2018 by

Graduation day is an incredibly proud day for parents, as they get to watch their child get on stage to accept their degree, and then step off it as a college freshman. The pride is immeasurable, as you get to watch your children step forward to tackle the adventures and challenges of life. To ensure that your child heads on to face the realities of this world, they need a reliable, and safe vehicle.

If you are looking for the perfect graduation present for your rising star, then car is a great gift, because it is an investment that will yield great results. When looking at cars as graduation presents, there are none better than a Mercedes-Benz. It may seem like an extravagant present, but it is one that is needed for them, since they don’t need a car that is going to breakdown frequently. The repair costs are not something they need to worry about, when they should be focusing on their education.

So, why not invest in your child’s future, by getting them the perfect graduation present in the form of any of the following Mercedes-Benz models? Here are some of the models you should consider:

The C-Class Sedan

The C-Class sedan is all about precision and poise, and is smart and sleek. It has intuitive technology and generous space, with great gas mileage, and exceptional performance. The C-Class comes with the 4MATIC® all-wheel drive, which ensures that your child can drive confidently on any road. The Collision Prevention Assist Plus is standard, and ensures that your child will not have to worry about braking to avoid collisions on the road.

The CLA Coupe

Another great Mercedes-Benz that is perfect for a graduation present is the CLA Coupe, which has stunning features, and an eye-catching design. The attractive exterior of the car will capture the imagination of your child, while there are also advanced safety features, and aerodynamics. The best thing about the CLA Coupe is that it is affordable, and is an aerodynamic marvel, which guarantees a comfortable and safe ride.


The GLA SUV is probably the best Mercedes-Benz model you can gift as a graduation present to your rising star. It is fuel-efficient, flexible, and great fun to drive, while the sporty features ensure your little one is going to love this car. The versatile SUV Is great for long-haul rides, and comes with off-road and on-road agility, and advanced safety features.

The GLA SUV has a multipurpose cabin with split rear seats, powered liftgate, and 14-way adjustable front seats. It has a wide range of intuitive driving modes, and comes with the Attention Assist and Active Brake Assist features.

If you are looking for the perfect Mercedes-Benz car to gift your child as their graduation present, you should focus on getting a model with the best safety and style features. You can come check out all the latest models of Mercedes-Benz at Mercedes-Benz Brampton today. We are the #1 Mercedes-Benz dealership in Brampton, and have an extensive stock of new and Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes C-Class, CLA, and GLA vehicles in Ontario.

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