Why You Should Check the Tires on Your Mercedes Before Your Next Trip

May 3rd, 2018 by

If you have a long trip planned anytime soon in your Mercedes Benz, the first thing you should do is check the condition of the tires. It is important that the tires of your Mercedes are in top condition, since that will help fuel economy, and improve the safety of the car. You will also not have to deal with flat tires or other safety concerns when you are on your road trip.

Here at Mercedes-Brampton, we take tire safety for Mercedes-Benz seriously, and have provided you with a guide on the important things you should check when inspecting the tires.

1.    Check the Tread Depth

You will need a Tread Depth Gauge to do this, and you can check it by inserting it in the grooves between the tire treads. When you are confirming the reading, know that a tread depth of 5/32” is great, but a depth of 3/32” to 4/32” is when you should be thinking about replacing the tire.

What if you don’t have a depth gauge?

If there is no depth gauge, you can measure the tread depth with a coin. This is an old tactic, and you can insert the crown between the tire treads, and if you can see the Queen’s crown, then the tire thread is less than ideal and you must replace the tire.

2.    Check the tire for bulges and cuts

You should check the sides of the tire for any cuts and bulges, which are caused by hitting curbs and potholes on the road. If you have a lot of bulges and cuts on the tire, then you should think about replacing them before going on your trip.

3.    Check the tire pressure

It is obvious to anyone who owns a car that they must check the tire pressure regularly, since it impacts the drive and fuel economy of the car. You must have good tire pressure if you want your Mercedes-Benz to drive smoothly on your trip. It will also ensure that you don’t suffer a tire failure, or have suffer from fuel efficiency on your trip.

If you don’t know what the correct tire pressure should be for your Mercedes-Benz, don’t worry. You will find that information in the owner’s manual, or you could bring it to our service center.

4.    Check the age of the tires

You must check the overall age of the tires on your Mercedes-Benz. If they are older than 10 years, then you must replace them before your trip, irrespective of whether they are worn out or not. You should also check the manufacturer recommendation for the average tire age to get a good idea about whether you should change the tires on your car.

If you don’t know anything about checking the tires on your Mercedes-Benz, then come visit us at Mercedes-Brampton for a schedule maintenance stop before you go on your trip.

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