5 Signs Your Mercedes-Benz Needs Air Conditioning Service

July 26th, 2018 by

Cars today are equipped with technologies that used to be considered as luxury a few decades ago. Air conditioning is certainly one of those systems that are very common nowadays in automobiles. And of course Mercedes-Benz has been offering air conditioning systems in their cars long before it was common, because that’s what luxury car makers do. This longevity means that they have mastered the craft of producing high-quality and reliable air conditioners for their cars.

But as every other electromechanical equipment, air conditioners are also vulnerable to get faulty after being neglected proper service. Below are 5 signs that might indicate that you need air conditioning service for your car:

1.     Weak Air Flow

If you detect weak air flow from the air conditioning vents of your car than it is not normal. Weak air flow is usually caused by a broken ventilation fan or even a loose hose. If you put your hand near the vents and feel cool temperature there then it is a confirmation of weak air flow problem. Get it fixed by taking your Mercedes-Benz car to the mechanic because it can be uncomfortable especially if you live in an area with hot weather.

2.     Warm Air

The only job assigned to an air conditioning system is to provide you cool temperature by blowing in colder air from the vents. So if you turn on the air conditioner in your car and it blows in warmer air, then this is an obvious sign that your Mercedes-Benz’s A/C needs attention.

3.     Starts Cool Then Gets Warm

You turn on your air conditioner in your Mercedes-Benz and get greeted with a soothing cool breeze. But after a few minutes, the air suddenly gets warmer. It is a sign of a possible blown fuse or even a faulty compressor clutch. In any case, you should visit a mechanic ASAP because this problem can be very uncomfortable in summers.

4.     Foul Smells

Mercedes-Benz has extraordinary air filters installed in their cars, but everything gets dirty when exposed to outside air. If you turn on your air conditioner and it blows nice cool air towards you but with a foul stench attached, then there is definitely something wrong with the system. Usually the bad smells in car air conditioner are caused by dirty filters or mold growing near the evaporator. These foul smells can be avoided through regular service of your Mercedes-Benz car. Anyway, if you ever encounter this problem, immediately take your Mercedes-Benz vehicle to service station for repair.

5.     Strange Noises

If you hear strange noises whenever you turn on the air conditioner in your car then it’s a clear indication of a mechanical problem. The strange sounds usually are either squealing or clanking which is a sign of worn out belt, broken fan part or any other mechanical problem.

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