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When to Put on Winter Tires

Car tires on winter road

When you live in Brampton, there’s no way around the fact that you’ll be driving on icy roads come winter. Since our Canadian winters are famously brutal, it’s important that Caledon Mercedes-Benz drivers opt for Mercedes-Benz ApprovedTires. These tires have advanced tread design and compounded rubber for exceptional traction. While they’ve been specifically designed for winter and are known as some of the best winter tires, they’re actually great year-round tires too.

If you’re wondering when to put on winter tires, where to get a winter tire change near Brampton, and when to take off your winter tires, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn everything you need to know, and to learn more about OEM Mercedes-Benz tires.

Winter Tires 101

So, when should you put on winter tires? When it’s consistently under 7° C, it’s time for Orangeville drivers to consider a winter tire change near Brampton. Now that you know when to put on winter tires, it’s time to learn when to take off your winter tires.

The answer is simple. Take your winter tires off when the temperature is consistently above 7° C. You might be wondering if you even really need to take your winter tires off. It depends. For most brands of winter tires, you’ll experience lower fuel economy because of the increased friction. Also, winter tires wear faster in the summer, so if you’re looking to use your winter tires for many future winters, it’s probably best for Georgetown drivers to take them off. That said, Mercedes-Benz ApprovedTires are some of the best winter tires on the market and make a strong case for year-round use. Read on to learn more.

Mercedes-Benz ApprovedTires

While Mercedes-Benz ApprovedTires are advertised as year-round tires, they are famously some of the best winter tires available. This means that the question of when you should put on winter tires and when to take off winter tires is likely irrelevant for you. As we mentioned earlier, they feature compounded rubber and innovatively designed treads to increase traction on icy roads and maximize fuel economy no matter the season you’re driving in.

To top things off, they have reinforced sidewalls with run fat properties. These properties allow you to drive for an additional 80 km at under 80 km/hour after dramatic tire pressure loss, giving you time to find a shop for a tire change.

Contact Us for a Winter Tire Change Near Brampton

Halton Hills drivers on the hunt for the best winter tires on the market, look no further than the tire centre at Mercedes-Benz Brampton. Our lowest price tire guarantee ensures you’ll get a great deal when it comes time to put on winter tires. If you don’t live in greater Brampton but you came to this page for help, we recommend you use the Mercedes-Benz tire locator for help finding Mercedes-Benz parts near you.

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