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How to Unlock a Steering Wheel

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What To Do When Your Car Steering Wheel is Locked

Wondering what to do when your car steering wheel is locked? Or perhaps you accidentally unlocked your steering wheel, and you’re wondering how to lock a steering wheel? The process of locking or unlocking a steering wheel isn’t too complicated once you know how it works! Mercedes-Benz Brampton near Caledon is at your service and happy to help you navigate the functions of your steering wheel lock. Explore our helpful tips for unlocking a steering wheel, so you can get back onto Orangeville roads in no time.

Five Simple Steps for Unlocking a Steering Wheel

If your steering wheel lock is stuck, you may have to try more than one of these approaches to unlock a steering wheel successfully. Don’t worry if none of these methods work; the experienced service technicians at Mercedes-Benz Brampton are here to serve Georgetown drivers with a locked steering wheel. When figuring out the process of unlocking a steering wheel, first try these procedures for the steering wheel lock:

  1. Turn the key while trying to turn your steering wheel at the same time. Apply varying amounts of pressure to the key while it is in the ignition, and at the same time try to move the steering wheel back and forth. Even when locked, the steering wheel should turn a bit. Keep trying until the steering wheel finally unlocks. Do NOT force the key or the steering wheel locks by applying too much compression because you could break off the key or damage your steering mechanism.
  2. Try a different key. Do you have more than one key to your vehicle? If so, try them all. Your usual key might be worn out or damaged, which could cause it to not work right.
  3. Try to clean out any dirt in the ignition. Slide the key in and out of the ignition to clear any dirt or debris that might be interfering with the ignition connection and keep your key from turning. If that doesn’t work, take the key out of the ignition and spray some puffs of canned air (available from most electronics and office supply shops) into the ignition hole.
  4. Lubricate the keyhole. You can lubricate the keyhole by using an electronics cleaner or a lubricant, such as WD-40. Be careful not to spray too much of it – just use one or two tiny squirts.
  5. Replace the ignition cylinder. If none of the other procedures are successful, this, unfortunately, is probably your last option. Thankfully, Mercedes-Benz Brampton can take care of the service for you in a timely manner.

How to Lock Your Steering Wheel

Why would you ever want to know how to lock your steering wheel? Knowing how to lock your steering wheel is convenient if you’re going to be parking your car somewhere in Caledon and leaving it overnight or for a longer period of time. If a thief were to break into your car, they wouldn’t be able to drive it if you have a steering wheel lock. All you need to do is turn the wheel all the way in either direction before you turn off your car. And don’t worry: If you’ve locked your steering wheel on purpose, unlocking it again is as simple as turning on your vehicle and turning the wheel a bit; it will unlock with ease.

Is Your Steering Wheel Stuck?

Sometimes the above methods don’t work, which could indicate that your steering wheel lock needs a deeper inspection. Now that you know the common methods for how to unlock a steering wheel and how to lock your steering wheel, if you’re still struggling with a locked steering wheel, or you can’t snap it back into place, give us a call for help.

When You Need Car Service, Trust Mercedes-Benz Brampton

You now know how the process of unlocking a steering wheel, but if you have any issues or questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help. Whether you need service on your Mercedes-Benz or are searching for a new or pre-owned luxury vehicle, the helpful team at Mercedes-Benz Brampton is always at your service!

Our mechanics are highly trained and have access to the latest diagnostic equipment and repair technologies. They’re more than equipped to handle any job, regardless of the make, model, or model year of your vehicle — and all repairs are performed using genuine OEM parts shipped straight from the manufacturer. These parts are the very same your vehicle was built with at the factory. They’re highly durable!

Find out for yourself why our customers keep recommending us to their friends and family. Review our service specials, and then contact us today to schedule an appointment. Or, if you’re searching for more service tips, check out our guide on removing dents and scratches from a car.

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