The 2019 Metris Passenger Van is a Powerhouse

January 8th, 2019 by

If you’re a family oriented person, whatever car you want to purchase, you definitely want it to be one that your whole family can comfortably fit in to. You don’t want the car to be too small so that one member or two don’t fit, and you don’t want it to be just small enough so that everyone fits, uncomfortably. That’s why the Metris Passenger Van from Mercedes-Benz is the perfect car; it has plenty of room for everyone. No matter the size of your family, you’ll be able to fit everyone in comfortably.


The specifications of the Metris Passenger Van are impressive to say the least. It has a 2.0 L turbocharged engine with direct injection, so that every single drop of gasoline is utilized to its full potential. This way, the mileage you get from each drop is incredible. The transmission in the Passenger Van is quite impressive as well. It has a 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission which gets the job done in whatever weather or on whatever road.

The engine delivers 208 horsepower and includes a Standard ECO Start/Stop option. Along with that, it’s incredibly sturdy and has maintenance intervals at up to 25000 kilometers.


The van has a payload capacity of 860 kg, so you can comfortably carry any luggage and passengers with you without any thought given to overloading it. And there’s a total seating capacity of 8, so if you’re taking the family for a road trip or going for a night out with your posse, you won’t have to choose who to leave behind.


The van measures 514.1 cm in length and can still navigate narrow streets and tight parking spaces. It’s built like a tank, but can also maneuver difficult paths. It also has a relatively small height of 189 cm so that it can navigate under bridges and low lying ceiling structures like garages.

Special Features

There are a few awesome things about the Metris Passenger Van that you’ll appreciate once you get used to driving it. It has a Blind Spot Assist feature that can detect any hidden traffic on either side of the vehicle. If the turn signal is activated, it’ll alert the driver.


If the driver ignores the warning, for whatever reason, an audible alert will be triggered so that the accident can be prevented altogether.


There is also a feature called Collision Prevention Assist which prevents any rear end collisions by putting in to motion a series of split second actions.

Vincentric Award

The Metris Passenger Van from Mercedes-Benz has won the Vincentric Best Fleet Value Award in Canada. Out of 1800 configurations in total, this design was chosen for the best value for Money three years in a row. This means that not only are the design and performance of the Metris incredible, but their value for money is truly special.



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