The Cabrio is a slick vehicle

January 28th, 2019 by

It’s amazing to drive the Cabriolet. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. You have to choose between three beautiful color schemes. The seats and door center panels all have an unusual look. The exterior not only surprises with its aesthetic, but also with its design. The light alloy wheels in an 8-spoke design draw the looks and glances of everyone you drive in front of. It has various features that you may like and even more that you may love.



The Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Cabrio comes with 15-inch wheels with 5-twin spokes made with a bicolor alloy. It has H4 halogen headlamps with an LED daytime-driving light integrated. The third brake light featuring LED technology is functional as well as fashionable.

Moreover, the three-phase synchronous motor in the engine delivers power when you need it. It has a Lithium Ion battery with an 8-year warranty and a top speed of 130 km/h. With a maximum horsepower of 80 and a 2.5 hour charging time, you will be left with plenty of juice in the tank when you finish out the day.


There is a heated 3-spoke multifunctional wheel coated in leather in the front seat with an on-board computer and a TFT color display. There are heated seats for the passengers and the driver. The shift lever knob helps make navigation easier.

There is a button to activate ECO mode so that you can reduce emissions and have plenty of power left after you’re finished with the day.


The smoothest drive that you’ll ever have is with the Cabrio. You won’t ever feel the sudden hiccups while you drive because it’s just so smooth. It automatically switches off the engine while the car is idle, and turns it back on as soon as you hit the accelerator. It’s all in the interest of increased range and decreased chances of injury.

There is even an optional package for Electric Drive Design that adds a tri top fabric soft top so you can drive with it down. It can be opened and closed to any extent and the heated rear glass window will prevent it from foaming up during the winter.

All of this is done in the name of safety.

Electric Cars are the way of the future and if you’re looking to buy one, you should definitely look up the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Cabrio by Mercedes-Benz.


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