Using the HOLD Function in a Mercedes-Benz

March 9th, 2016 by


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Well, cars are becoming increasingly automated nowadays. Subject to the same, safety measures are being beefed up. Mercedes-Benz, which has traditionally harped on the primordial nature of safety, has added yet another feature to its safety repertoire. The feature is known as HOLD function. Irrespective of whether you are driving the vehicle on top of a hill or simply waiting for the traffic lights to go green, the HOLD functionality could be rather helpful.

The activation of the HOLD feature is done with the help of the brake pedal. If you want to activate this feature, press the brake pedal and stop the car. Press the brake further till the HOLD icon appears on the car screen. Then take your feet off the brake pedal. You are in HOLD mode. This might prove to be rather helpful if you are waiting in a long queue of cars.

For deactivating the feature, you need to press the accelerator button. You are set to go. However, it is important to remember certain points about the HOLD button. You could also deactivate the feature by pressing the brake pedal until the HOLD symbol goes off the screen. But, it is equally pertinent to note that HOLD can’t be used while exiting the car. You need to change the mode to parking before you do that.

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