Review of the Mercedes-Benz B-Class

February 6th, 2019 by

This dynamic car has been fashioned in a distinctive avant-garde style which is the signature of Mercedes-Benz. Flaunting a modern appearance with smooth and fluid contours, the new B-Class is a fresh take on the classic, redesigned to offer even more space, comfort and luxury. The long wheelbase that has been coupled with short overhangs, 19 -inch wheels with alloy rims, dynamic headlights, and broad dual grille lend the car a pleasing sporty appearance. The rotund rear end is short enough to indicate smooth handling and reliable control. The sleek silhouette of the sporty vehicle offers a drag coefficient of only 0.24 for high fuel economy. The remarkable design of this subtle minivan can be easily mistaken for a hatchback.

Resplendent Interior

The B-Class builds upon the much-acclaimed interior of the A-Class. The cockpit display comprises of two high-resolution 10.25-inch screens behind a single slab of smooth glass that looks opulent and seamlessly integrated. The screens can be customized to personal preferences with a stunning array of colorful themes. The vivid screen configuration serves to display augmented reality integration – a key facet of the Mercedes Benz User Experience. The high-tech system basically purveys a panoramic view of the external environment with the help of multipurpose high-resolution cameras – the picture is superimposed with arrows, house numbers and other useful information for an intricately detailed yet intuitive navigation experience.

The Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) is perfectly orchestrated with an energizing package. It leaps into action at one press of a button to turn on lighting, music, air conditioning, and seat massage function. The AI system uses natural language processing to respond accurately to your voice command and can keep learning automatically to improve towards near-human interaction.

Generous space is available with plenty of luggage room that can be extracted by the adjustable sliding seats. The cavernous interior allows unmatched cabin space for high comfort and plenty of leg room which can be hard to find in other cars of the same category.

Driving Experience

Advanced engineering allows for greater control and stability. The high-tech transmission can detect slipping upon which it will instantly direct most of the engine torque to the rear wheels. The 4Matic transmission is an all-wheel drive system that automatically engages wheels to transmit the right amount of engine power to boost traction on slippery surfaces. With such cutting-edge engineering, the car feels much more nimble and responsive around corners than other cars of the same segment.

The suspension is augmented by the active adaptive damping which allows the driver to exercise unmatched control over comfort and utility with the help of DYNAMIC SELECT to adjust damper tuning. The suspension also has an electronic control valve that can optimize the damping rate of all wheels individually depending on the driving conditions.

Safety Features

A wide-ranging suite of safety systems makes this model one of the safest cars on the market. Built-in radar detects obstacles along the way, instantly alerts and automatically sets off braking to avoid collisions. The radar works in tandem with multipurpose cameras to drive the vehicle semi-autonomously under certain scenarios with the help of cutting-edge AI. The Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC can adjust speed when approaching roundabouts, junctions, and corners in route-specific scenarios for unmatched convenience and safety. Blindspot assist and rearview cameras offer convenience and safety.

For those looking for the perfect combination of comfort, safety, luxury, and space this car is the complete package for a delightful user experience.

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